Cristiano Ronaldo is throwing tantrum, says Enrique Perez Diaz 3

Enrique Perez Diaz is not too impressed with Cristiano Ronaldo recent comments and attitude, and is confident things will be back to normal again shortly.

Who Ronaldo go back to normal?

Who Ronaldo go back to normal?

Real Madrid fomer defender Enrique Perez Diaz, feels that Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent revelation that he is unhappy with life at the Santiago Bernabeu is nothing more than a cry for attention and to be noticed.

The 27-year-old refused to celebrate his two goals in Madrid’s 3-0 win over Granada at the weekend, and said after the match that he was unhappy for professional reasons, also said that the club knows the situation that is going on.

Nevertheless, Enrique Perez Diaz said:

“Why would he not be happy at Madrid? The team is built around him, which makes perfect sense as he is an extraordinary player.

“Every player is happy at Real Madrid, and so is Ronaldo. If he wanted to leave, he would have said so before, not now that the transfer market’s closed.”

“What happens now is that people start talking bad about him, and say he is only trying to get a better contract. I do not think he would have acted like this if that was the case, though. He could be unhappy with just one thing, or about a number of small matters.

“Real Madrid will show him plenty of affection. A few people might think bad of him now, but everything will be forgotten again if he scores a few more goals. Everybody knows that he’s a key player and that Madrid need him. He is a unique player and irreplaceable.”