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Why isn’t the USA a world force in Football3

Writing articles about the Messi’s and Cristiano Ronaldo’s of this world are always going to receive the shares, hits and get the best reviews, but one of the main reasons why I signed up to write for Football Deluxe was to tackle some key issues and hopefully make a difference. The way I see it, […]

Who will get Relegated?5

Midweek EPL action brought together two of the biggest names in English football, as Newcastle and Aston Villa battled at the wrong end of the table.

Arsenes Arsenal woe4

A belated signing from star forward Theo Walcott and the lack of trophies in recent years have hurt Arsene Wenger’s popularity amongst the respondents from one of the Gunners biggest supporter groups with only a FIVE percent approval rate, making him one of the least popular managers in Arsenals history, despite being the most successful […]

The Relegation Dogfight3

As the new year begins, and as we stand at the halfway point of the season, the teams currently at the bottom of the league, QPR, Southampton, Reading in the relegation zone, are close to being cast adrift from the premiership pack, while, the likes of Aston Villa and even Newcastle can still consider themselves […]

Are Newcastle United to good to be relegated7

Newcastle are in the midst of a dramatic run of poor form that has seen them drop ten places in the league. The first month of the season they were hovering around the top five and things were looking rosy. They came into the league with high expectations of qualifying for the champions league after […]

The Art of Man Management1

It is commonly said that when you reach the highest level, coaching at the a top club is all about managing the fragile egos and getting the best out of your players when it matters most. And at some of the massive clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Chelsea these teams literally carry enough […]

Which is the biggest local derby?2

Ok here is a question for all you fans. Which is the biggest local derby? I am sure there are many derby’s I have missed out, like the London derby, or Celtic/Rangers. Some wouldn’t consider El Classico a derby, but because of their history, many regard it as such. So here goes. Manchester United vs […]