Are Chelsea strong enough to retain their title? 2

Chelsea have started with a rocky start but can the previous Champions retain their title?

Chelsea vs Juventus

Chelsea vs Juventus

As the Champions League has begun last night and on Tuesday night it began with a big bang. Real Madrid secured their victory with a win of 3-2 by Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the finishing goal at the 90th minutes, while Manchester City should have defended for the rest of game as they were winning in front of 1-0 by Dzeko goal.

What caught the attention of most Chelsea supporters was the play with Chelsea and Juventus in their clash for the Champions League title. Chelsea who won the previous Champions League title battled Juventus last night and made draw of 2-2. Chelsea who were in the lead of two amazing goals scored Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior a Brazilian player who has the potential in my opinion to become the next best player in the world, still managed to bring have a draw. With Di Matteo who has the privilege of having some of the top players such as Oscar, Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres didn’t perform what was expected of Chelsea as their defence dismantled in the second half.

The mistake that Chelsea have done last night was the lack of their defence where Juventus clearly had the upper hand of dominating the match in the second half, the question will be would Chelsea up their level of performance by retaining their title or would they be kicked out of the Champions League later on?