Football and Racism 3

Jermain Defoe and Aaron Lennon had racial abuse from the Lazio fans yesterday at White Hart Lane. Would this be tackled and bring a stop to racism or would it carry on?

Jermaine Defoe against Lazio in the Europa League

Jermain Defoe against Lazio in the Europa League

Last night on the 20th September 2012 the team of Tottenham and Lazio clashed for the title of the Europa League and as the battle continued for both teams to gain their three points there was another incident that went on and that was the racist chant from the Lazio supporters.

Racism in football has started to grow within the sports of the fans. Jermain Defoe and Aaron Lennon who had racial abuse towards them at White Hart Lane which were “monkey chants”. Racism in football has to be tackled effectively because football is not only a sport or a game but it is a sport of where all sort of people from different backgrounds join to play a game with respect and develop unity

Andres Villa Boas admitted he didn’t hear the chants as he was concentrating on the game but said: “‘I was focused on the game and I haven’t heard anything from the players. ‘UEFA is very active in these situations. Our objective is to kick racism out of football but I can’t point the finger tonight because I didn’t hear it. It’s up to the authorities to follow up any investigation.’

Racism has always existed within people but in my opinion it has to be tackled in order to bring unity to the fans and to players. If people do no respect other backgrounds of any sort they should not be allowed to participate in the game as a player or even as a spectator.