Wenger hints – Walcott to be made available in January 4

Can Arsenal no long keep it’s Star players?

Theo Walcott, where would he go?

Theo Walcott, where would he go?

In the past couple of seasons, there are has been a lot of movement in the Arsenal ranks, to the point where many have coined Arsenal as a selling club.

However, many clubs have bought and sold in recent years, Arsenal being one of them. Before I pose the question I have in mind, I’d like to point out that even though Arsenal has recoup some good sums of money for some of their exiting stars, they have also spent some good sums of money:

Players Sold

11/12 Van Persie £22 Million Alex Song £15 Million Cesc Fabregas £35 Million Gael Clichy £7 Million Samir Nasri £22 Million

Players Bought

11/12 Lukas Podolski £11Million Oliver Giround £13 Million Santi Cazorla £20 Million Gervinho £10.6 Million Alex Oxlade Chamberlain £12 Million Andre Santos £6.2 Million Mikel Arteta £10 Million Mertesacker £10 Million

One for one you could argue the players coming in aren’t even in the same vicinity as the ones exiting, although do not forget their predecessors came with no name either. But the real question I’d like to pose is why after all the movement do Arsenal have yet another want a way in the likes of Theo Walcott? Clearly money is an issue as Arsenal FC are light years apart from the Uniteds and Cities of this world when it comes to the salaries paid to their top stars, but surely there is more to it than meets the eye?

Some may and will argue that It’s a business and so long as the books are balanced and their is a profit shown at the end of the trimester, and trophies are the icing on the cake.  But if you look at the transfers in 2011/2012 for Arsenal, the books are only being balanced and not showing a profit when it comes to transfers.  So are they really handling business the right way in allowing their top established stars to leave?  I can tell you this for sure, no top player wants to play for a team that doesn’t make winning trophies their priority.