Mark Hughes, going, going, gone? 3

Mark Hughes looks at his watch as he realizes time is running out.

Mark Hughes looks at his watch as he realizes time is running out.

Well the facts don’t lie. Having spent £20 million on 10 new players this summer and QPR sitting not so pretty at the bottom of the Premier League, it’s definitely odds on. Especially in this industry, spending £200 Million represents a quick fix and that is exactly what the board and the fans require.
Hughes is adamant that he has the backing of the clubs hierarchy, and asked if he will be given enough time to turn things around, he responded ” I would think so. We have had a big investment and we’re looking to improve this year and we will.”
“It is very, very early days but until we get positive results on the board then obviously everything is up for debate and a focus begins to come on the club as a whole. We just need to start winning football matches, if we do that, it goes away.”

This is a true statement, but I don’t think it is going to happen, because unlike a slow starting Liverpool side that actually looked like they were playing good football and were dominant in a number of their games and were unfortunate to lose them, this QPR side doesn’t look good at all. Either they haven’t gelled together as a side or the signings or below par or dare I say it, Mark Hughes doesn’t know what he is doing, he needs to get the results on the board asap or else.

Another quandary that has been constantly poking at me is, why do clubs that are cash rich and willing to invest ridiculous amounts of money constantly look to Hughes as the one to guide them? This game never seizes to amaze me.

I predict that he will be gone before the end of October.