Jordan Ayew , son of Abedi Pelé: “I have the potential to be the best player on the planet!” 3

The Marseille striker Jordan Ayew  has offered a new media sensation that is worth reading in the French newspapers La Provence.

Jordan Ayew wants to become the best player in the world.

Jordan Ayew wants to become the best player in the world.

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If  when it comes to his performance on the pitch Jordan Ayew (21 yrs) is struggling to convince the whole world he is the best but nobody will blame him  for not being present in the media. Since the beginning of the season, the Ghanaian of Olympique de Marseille is omnipresent. Today, in the newspapers La Provence, the son of Abedi Pele has offered us something to reflect on.

“I cannot say, even if I feel that I am progressing through the work. I continue to work. I feel more confident. I’ve scored four goals in all competitions last year while at the same time, I had only a part (October 25, 2011 in the League Cup, against RC Lens,), “. “Yes, I have the game, but after time … (He pauses before continuing) What I would like is playing more games. Not play today and then be on the bench tomorrow again and then play. I’m not complaining, it’s just my wish. Because it is the succession of matches that brings growth. But as I said, even with the little I have, I always give in-depth. I move like that, “he has released.

Moreover, the native of Accra is even said to be able to become the best player on the planet. “I’m very ambitious. I want to reach the highest level, be amongst  the best strikers in the world. I have the potential for it, “he dared saying  before specifying. “After the time will do its work, but if I cannot use my talent, I could blame only myself. (…) I’m going to explode tomorrow, maybe it will happen when I ‘m 26 years old … or even never! Players like Drogba came to maturity at  27-28 years. I will continue to work. There is only God who can tell us. For now, my track record is very good. Especially at a club like OM. I give my best for the team. Everyone knows what I’m capable of. After that, my time will come … “he said.

And to become the best player in the world, Jordan Ayew is willing to stay longer with Olympique de Marseille. “No, I’ve never seen things like that. I’ve never said: “I am doing my final year at OM and after I go to Manchester or whatever …” No, not at all. Again, my goal is to reach the highest level, “he concluded, still confident. A degree of arrogance or confidence? Difficult to know … In any case, for now, Jordan Ayew is still far from his goal. Will he get closer soon? That’s what Marseille supporters are hoping for…