Cristiano Ronaldo transfer to Paris St Germain for €100 million, a done deal? 5

Is it a done deal?Ronaldo at Paris St Germain- or just wishful thinking?

Is it a done deal?Ronaldo at Paris St Germain- or just wishful thinking?


Cristiano Ronaldo was announced at Paris SG last week.


When asked about the rumours sending him to Paris SG next season for just over € 100 million and an annual salary of around € 18 million. The International portuguese remains distant.

When La Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed him and asked the question: “are Mourinho and you going to to Paris Saint Germain“, he answered “Really?” (PSG offer € 100 million). Well, I must be an expensive boy! If only! (He laughs before resuming seriously). No, believe me, it does not bother me at all! I must not think about that. I am playing for the Real Madrid, and I will continue here. After, my future, only God controls it. In life, everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. (Smiles) But right now, I do not want to think about a new club, the stories of the contract. I’m focused on the requirement that I have to play well and win. In the end, we’ll see, “he said before continuing.

“(Do you follow closely the project PSG?) No, it does not interest me. No more the one of Paris or Manchester United or Chelsea. It is true, they are all very big clubs. But personally, it does occur to me. I’m here and I want to win here.”

“I do not play for money. I play for the passion for the game, for the love of the jersey I wear. If I played for money, sure I’d be in another club, “he said before talking about his position at the Casa Blanca. “(Will you extend?) I do not know. I have three year contract. At this point, I would be 30 years old and see what happens, “he said simply.

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