What makes the great players great. 6

Currently the top players in the game are undoubtedly Real Madrid’s Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. They stand head and shoulders above the game as it’s two best players. But what makes them so great?

Christiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi?

Christiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi?

Is it their great dribbling ability? Is it their great speed and physical attributes? Or is it the things that you cannot measure; their character, like grit and determination. Or is it their insight and intelligence?

To be great, it’s not about excelling in one or two areas, but rather excelling in all areas. The total package! Both, Ronaldo & Messi, excel in all the areas we use to judge a players overall ability; Technique, Intelligence / Insight, Character & Speed/Size.

In both players their Technique, Speed & Size are exceptional and instantly recognizable for all to see. The Intelligence and Insight, not as easily recognized if you don’t know what you’re looking for, yet it is there nonetheless. It is a players intelligence & insight that separates a great dribbler from a great player. While possessing a great understanding of the game, but not the physical skills to execute, are the attributes of a great coach, not a great player.

The final piece of the puzzle is Character? What is Character? How do you judge Character? Simply speaking, Characters is revealed by seeing how players respond to certain situations. How do players respond when things are tough? Do you shy away and not want to get involved. Great players always want the ball, always want to take that key penalty kick. They always want to come first. They are courageous, they are brave, they are determined, they want the responsibility. What are their work habits like. Are they first in practice and last to leave.

To be a a truly great player, one must excel in all areas. All the great athletes had these qualities in abundance. The qualities of a great athlete are the same in all sports and all the true greats had them; from Pele, Cryuff, Zidane, Maradona in Soccer, to Wayne Gretzy in hockey, Michael Jordan in Basketball and of course “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali in boxing.