Liverpool sets the price of Luis Suarez to € 64 million! 0

Liverpool do not want to sell Luis Suarez unless an offer of €70 million reached him.

Luis Suarez has been given the same price as Edinson Cavani

Luis Suarez has been given the same price as Edinson Cavani

“Luis is a very important member of this team and I look forward to working with him again this season. There have been many rumors about it, but as I said, it is still Liverpool player. We received an offer from Arsenal who did not approach the value of Luis. Of course, he wants to work and play at the highest level. But unless something incredible happens, he will remain here. He still has three years of contract”. On Thursday, at a press conference, the Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers proved to be very clear: no question that Luis Suarez leaves.

At least not below a certain amount. The Sun believes in fact that the Reds have set the price of a possible departure of the Uruguayan international. The price is €64 million! A huge amount of the manager Scousers justified by the transfer of Edinson Cavani to Paris St.Germain.“Edinson Cavani was sold for €64 million, Luis is in this category of top player”, he said.

The Gunners were ready indeed to bid more than €46 million on the table to attract scorer in their nets, announced in chorus the Sun and the Daily Mail. Given the requirements of Liverpool, Londoners may not be able to align. Real Madrid, as As announced among the courtiers, he will stress for Luis Suarez?