“Mario must change his behaviour” say’s Allgeri 0

Massimiliano Allegri lost patience with Mario Balotelli suspended three games following insults to the referee at the end of the game against Napoli.

Team mate calms down Mario Balotelli for being abusive with the referee

Team mate calms down Mario Balotelli for being abusive with the referee

Sampdoria, Bologna and especially Juventus. Here are three teams that Mario Balotelli will not face in the coming weeks. The Italian striker was indeed sentenced to three-match suspension following his unfortunate after the meeting Sunday losing to Napoli (1-2) attitude. After being cropped by his coach Massimiliano Allegri at the end of the game, Balotelli was again scolded in a press conference pre-game. Allegri calls for more maturity on the part of international striker.

“Mario is 23 years old, he is an important player, he is no longer a child. But he must see the good behaviour to become an example for all the children who look to everyone who looks at him, he has to change “ , he has launched quite annoyed. “Balotelli needs to change, improve and help referees. The referees are human, some attitudes are likely to affect them. The mistakes he suffered Sunday might have been evaluated differently with other players.” Instead of criticising the referees too harsh with the Italian Allegri prefers to point the finger at the behaviour of his players.

But he remains hopeful. “Hopefully it happened Sunday will serve as a lesson. I think I can help, but to help, he would also help us in turn”, has he concluded. Balotelli is now facing its responsibilities. Gone are the days when Manchester City Roberto Mancini the surprotégeait.In the end, Mancini snapped. Today it is the turn of Allegri to be taken aback by the unpredictability of this talented player. Will he grow Mario Balotelli