Valencia do not want Adil Rami 0

According to Super Deporte, Valencia coach does not want to see Adil Rami wear the jersey.

It looks like Adil Rami will not play for Valencia again

It looks like Adil Rami will not play for Valencia again

“Djukic is the chief on board, but we’ll see where we will be at the end of the season. My relationship with him is not good. He told me that I could be one of the best central defenders in Europe, but it does nothing for me to prove it. I can not even look him in the eyes, and the locker room.” The Adil Rami sensational media outlet is doing damage. We do not know what went through the head of the French international, but his statements are going to cost him dearly.

As reported by Super Deporte, a meeting was held this morning between Miroslav Djukic, the sporting director Braulio Vazquez and President Amadeo Salvo to discuss the sanctions against Adil Rami, already excluded from the group for the game Wednesday night against Granada. The Valencia coach is clear he does not want to see Rami wear the jersey. The meeting, which lasted an hour, did not result in a final decision, but it seems that the leaders are on the same wave length as Djukic.

Exemplary punishment could be taken and Rami could be shelved until the winter transfer window. After successful despite the desire of the French change of scenery, Valencia does not seem willing to overlook the output media player, left on the bench in the last two days and expelled Liga in the Europa League against Swansea, Adil Rami saw decidedly bleak hours.