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Inside Edge – Training with Manchester United – Video2

Manchester United Training at their ground at Carrington Press this link for video Have you ever wondered how the Pro’s train and what it takes to be the best? Just listen to some of the comments made. The pursuit of excellence, that little bit extra, refinement and quality. One of things that really stands out […]

Cristiano ronaldo vs freestyle champion jeremy lynch1

We are on skills overload today. It’s Thanksgiving in the US, and so we are on the mission to entertain. Watch the video in the video link of cristiano ronaldo vs freestyle champion jeremy lynch, this was taken a number of years ago. Cristiano was still a Manchester United player, but as you can see […]

Who is the fastest player alive? Watch this video2

So the question has arisen as to who the fastest player alive is? According to a report, the fastest player recorded was Theo Walcott, but in the 2010 World Cup, Chicharito Hernandez was recorded at 36.7 km/h and he was the fastest player at the world cup, but Gareth Bale wasn't timed then. So who is it? Check out the video above!!!