The highest paid earners in the MLS3

Recently released were the salaries of the highest paid players in the MLS. Very interesting reading considering that many football players in the MLS (Major League Soccer – USA) receive annually between $30-$100,000. As follows: Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry is Major League Soccer’s highest-paid player for the second straight season, edging Los Angeles Galaxy […]

Arsenal The Fallen giant4

The Arsenal of today are a fight cry from the days of domination and the pursuit of trophies. Instead the fans are left with a team and club that are merely a poor imitation of the once glorious side. Arsenal are without a doubt one of the most dominant sides in the history of the […]

Thierry Henry Best Of 2012 [video]4

Author of a full season with the New York Red Bulls including 15 goals in 25 appearances, Thierry Henry (35) is in the eleventh selected for the team of the year in the 2012 Major League Soccer. Great best Of.