Mourinho: “Proud of my team” 3

Reassembled after the defeat to Sevilla (1-0) Saturday in La Liga, José Mourinho was satisfied with the way his players behaved, Tuesday against Man.City (3-2) for their entry into the Champions League.

Mourinho demonstrated yesterday that he is still hungry for it

Mourinho demonstrated yesterday that he is still hungry for it

José Mourinho (Real Madrid coach): “I’m proud of my team when it plays. I saw a compact, united, committed, able to withstand a team that has a culture much more physical than us. This to me is worthy of Real Madrid. I always tell my players: Real can lose games like this (Tuesday) evening matches where they fight like “animals” for 90 minutes. He can not lose games like the other day against Sevilla. I think today, connoisseurs of football will be entertained. If I did not tenured Ramos, this is not any problem between him and me. This is a decision purely of sport. I thought Pepe and Rafa (Varane) were in the best to play. ”

Roberto Mancini (Manchester City coach): “It’s hard to explain what happened this (Tuesday) evening. Not so much the defeat, but also how we lose. We scored five minutes from the end and then this goal could be the winning goal. But we have forgotten that time to defend. A 2-1 in our favor, we leave too much space especially at Real. We made some mistakes that we should not have committed, especially on the last goal. And maybe we lacked depth as before. We are very disappointed. Real played better than us, but we went close to victory. “

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