Mourinho: “Real Madrid is not playing well and need to win games” 1

Real Madrid coach José Mourinho said that although his team had not played tremendously well in the victory over Rayo Vallecano (0-2) at the Vallecas stadium he was pleased that his side came away with three important points.

Jose Mourinho said 'We're not playing well and need to win games'

Jose Mourinho said ‘We’re not playing well and need to win games’


“It was a tough game, but we showed a similar attitude to that of last season. The minimum requirement is to be totally focussed and motivated. I think the team responded well. We could have played better. The opposition fought hard and ran a lot, but we were determined”, the Portuguese said.

“We were very clinical in attack last season, which is why we scored so many goals, but we’re not playing well right now. We’re not totally confident and need to win games”, the coach added.

Mourinho reflected on the difficulty of focussing on the game after it had been suspended 24 hours earlier: “It wasn’t easy for either team to remain focussed on the game, after the players had to wait around and then not play. You go home not knowing when you will play. We didn’t find out until 3 p.m. when the game was confirmed. But we managed to get over that hurdle, even though the performance was poor”.

The Real manager spoke of his team’s defensive battle: “They pressured us a lot and made us lose possession, but we had the better goal-scoring chances”.