So much was made about Evra’s hand shake 1

So much was made about Evra’s hand shake, but has anyone discussed his inability to defend?



Has anyone else noticed how Evra has gone from one of the best left backs in the EPL (English Premier League) to a sunder league defender over night? You thought Rafael couldn’t defend, and he can’t, but when you think about Evra who at one point was the Man United Captain, I have to ask my self a number of questions.
Has he ever been a good defender?
If so, why is he so crap now?
If he can’t defend, why is he in the team?

His latest debacle came in this weekends game against Liverpool. Evra was only a few meters away from Steven Gerrard who was about to strike the ball, yet he was caught flat footed, totally unaware, motionless as he stood by and watched Gerrard score. Could he have done anything about it? Totally! All he has to do is react quicker to the ball and lunge in-front of the shot or just be an obstacle.
This is just one of the many incidents that show Evra’s inability to defend. If you were to study the goals conceded by United throughout last season, it will establish one truth, the majority of the goals came from his side of the field and you could argue he was at fault.

Some could also argue, Evra doesn’t have the protection of Valencia in front of him, who is could be Uniteds best player, which leaves him more exposed defensively.
But to mute that argument, a significant portion of the goals have happened inside the penalty area, be it from a cross where Evra was simply too short or inactive to deal with the header or too slow in reacting, or dare i say it, defensively naive and unable to contain the situation.

At youth level, these things can be fixed with a good 2 vs 1 coaching session, but in Evra’s case, I think time is up for our French friend.

SAF (Sir Alex Ferguson) isn’t stupid, he is the most successful football manager ever. And his desire to bring in a Leighton Baines, but reverting to signing Alexander Buttner demonstrates to all including Evra, that even SAF has had enough, it’s time for squeaky bum time in the left back position.