The Cristiano Ronaldo Story0

Cristiano Ronaldo’s speed and skill were evident at the Estadio Jose Alvalde in a friendly against Manchester United for Sporting Lisbon in August 2003, assets and a performance which ultimately sealed a $15 million transfer to Old Trafford days later. “Ronaldo was a natural talent, a rough diamond, but he crammed in thousands and thousands […]

£100 Million man Gareth Bale signs for Real0

We are proud to announce what the entire world has been waiting on, and that is Gareth Bale’s impending transfer from Tottenham to Real Madrid. Other than Rooney’s probable departure away from Manchester Untied, this has been the most talked about transfer over the summer. And it was no longer a discussion of will it […]

The English Premier League is up and running0

The brand new EPL season is off and running and the title is up for grabs with multiple teams having the potential to win it all. The king Sir Alex Ferguson has abdicated his throne, retiring from Manchester United on the backs of his final league championship. His departure from the game leaves a huge […]

David Moyes wins first trophy0

Having walked up the beloved steps at Wembley Stadium as a winner, he then immediately dedicated the win to Sir Alex Ferguson, thanking him for the opportunity that was given to manage such a prestigious club. It took over a decade of hard work, trial, anguish and almosts until Moyes finally lifted a trophy, except […]

Manchester United and Barcelona, End of an Era?1

Manchester United and Barcelona, end of an era? Nothing lasts for ever. Teams and clubs have their moments in the sunshine where they are incredibly dominant. They might not win everything, but they come pretty close and they do so for a good period of time. In some instances that dominance may last for 3 […]

How long do you give David Moyes?2

Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona 2-0 in a preseason friendly that pitted his new side against his former team. in a keenly waited matchup. For most, they would say that it is only a friendly, but in games like this where the top teams are playing each other, there are never any friendly games. […]

Wayne Rooney, Should he stay or Should he go?0

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney continues to dominate the headlines as he continues to be at the center of transfer speculation after new manager, David Moyes publicly stated that Rooney would be second in the pecking order to Robin van Persie. More fuel was thrown on the fire when Chelsea submitted a formal bid and claimed […]