Is it time to do away with the “Worthless” (league Cup) Capital One Cup? 2

The league cup, now called the Capital One Cup and one time Carling Cup completed its third round games this week with the premiership teams stepping into the fold. With most Premiership teams coming up against lower league teams, they came through, expectedly, pretty much barely challenged and unscathed. Unless of course if they were playing against a fellow Premier league team.
Is it time to do away with the 'Worthless'(league Cup) Capital One Cup?

Is it time to do away with the ‘Worthless'(league Cup) Capital One Cup?

The scores posted this week, pretty much reflect the cake walk games that was presented them, evidenced by Arsenal scoring 6 against Coventry, Chelsea putting 6 past Wolves & Spurs scoring 3 at Carlisle.

The League Cup was once a proud and fantastic trophy to win, but with the continuing prominence of the Premiership all other domestic cups and titles are becoming pointless and obsolete.

With bigger and much more important Premier league games around the corner, the Premiership sides are reluctant to risk their stars in what is becoming more and more a meaning less fixture.

As a result, these Premiership teams, whether battling relegation or a top 5 spot have gone with the attitude of using these fixtures as little more than a place where they can use the occasion to “blood” their youngsters and give them experience in a “real” game.

For years now Arsene Wenger has used it exclusively as an opportunity to field an entire team of young and upcoming talent, while other premiership teams use a similar approach, by fielding teams barely reserve team standard, composed of 5 to 6 young players with 4 or 5 veterans, who are either on the fringes of the first team or are recovering from an injury.

The fans recognize the lack of importance of these fixtures and in turn have chosen to stay away from these games, leaving the games to be played in half filled stadiums with minimally more interest than a reserve game.

These league Cup – Capital One games are showing themselves to be nothing but an encumbrance on the real priorities and only interfere with clubs real focus.

Maybe it’s just time to do away with this worthless tournament.