Brendan Rodgers could take Liverpool back to the top, but he won’t be given the chance 4

Brendan Rodgers, 39, is much younger than his predecessors.  Hodgson was hired at 62 years old, Dalglish was 59 when he returned, Houllier was 50 and Rafa was the youngest at age 44, until Rodgers.  So he (Rodgers) has significantly less experience, the thought being I presume, that Liverpool will be trying the new and young approach.

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers

The question which will be answered very shortly is, how patient are the board willing to be and most importantly the fans, as in this day and age the fans have a huge influence on the internal matters.  Considering Liverpool have had their worst start to a season for over a century, it doesn’t exactly look like the start of an illustrious dynasty for Liverpool under the stewardship of Rodgers, 2 pts from 5 premier league games, previous to todays win, and to most it resembles the ruins of a fallen city, especially given the stature of the club that at one point in their history used to dominate Europe.

However, I’d like to ask all, when is the last time you actually sat down and watched a Liverpool game?  As recently as the game against Young Boys or the United game? I had been very keen to see what Brendan Rodgers would bring to the table as a young Liverpool manager, especially after his personal heroics which saw his Swansea side push up the leagues and finally roost in the highly sought after Premier League, (the first time Swansea had ever achieved such a feat), this would have been a catalyst to motivate the Liverpool board to show interest in the talented Scott.

So what did everyone expect?  Liverpool didn’t sign Van Persie or Dembdele, but instead Rodgers invaded the Swansea side and brought in ……….  How is Liverpool going to finish top 4 with signings like that and try to conquer Europe when the talent is best described as mediocre. 

Well, after watching the Liverpool side destroy a very good Young Boys in Europe with their reserve team and then pretty much dominate Manchester United at home, you could see signs that the Brendan factor is beginning to pay off except for the results. 

If I were to say Manchester United were out classed, it would be an understatement of epic proportions.Liverpool looked like the Liverpool of old, the way they moved, precision passing, high energy.  The only thing lacking was the rub of the green and a couple of refereeing decisions to go their way. So in the space of a few months, the change has been dramatic, however and very unfortunately I may add, I don’t believe Rodgers will be given the chance to see it through. 

As Mourinho so famously quoted, sometimes it’s better to be a lucky coach than a good coach, it looks like Brendan Rodgers’ luck may be running out. A message to the Liverpool board, if you want to see Liverpool dominate for years to come, I would be patient with Rodgers, your patience will bring your team huge rewards.