Serigo Ramos: I find Mesut Özil personally entertaining 2

Serigo Ramos values the friendship that he has with his team-mate Mesut Ozil.

Sergio Ramos values his friendship with Mesut Ozil

Sergio Ramos values his friendship with Mesut Ozil

The Spanish international and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos as linkage relationship of friendship and relationships with fellow German Mesut Ozil, expressing his admiration personality.

Serigo Ramos said in remarks to Radio “Cadena Ser” Spanish “Mesut Ozil personally is highly entertaining… I have been associated with him since he joined the team for the first time and participated in helping him to adjust to the city and accompanied him out for a walk.

Serigo Ramos said, “He speaks English fluently and I’m talking some of them and then we can understanding easily… It’s timid sometime but he is great player and wonderful future.” On the other hand, admitted Serigo Ramos as over disagreements with coach Jose Mourinho but stressed resolved quickly after direct encounters with Portuguese coach away from rumours and media, he said. Serigo Ramos is happy to be playing with the German international and finds his friendship with to be solid and believes that he will rise within Real Madrid.