Roberto Di Matteo being lined up for QPR? 3

In one of my previous articles I had indicated that Mark Hughes would be the first on the chopping block. I didn’t think i’d be writing about Roberto Di Matteo of all people.

Roberto Di Matteo being lined up for QPR

Roberto Di Matteo being lined up for QPR

That one definitely took me by surprise. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, as the last 3 managers at Chelsea FC have all lasted (Roberto Di Matteo) 262 days, (Avram Grant) 247 days and (Scolari) 223 days.

If you look at Di Matteo’s record, he is actually the most successful caretaker manager of all time, with an FA Cup and Champions League Cup to show for it. Avram Grant’s record wasn’t too shabby either.

So what is Roman Abramovich thinking?

No one said being a Billionaire means you automatically are football smart, in this case I would say the absolute contrary. When you look at the wealth of talent that has been at the helm of Chelsea, not forgetting “The Special One” it is of no surprise to me that the fans are beginning to revolt and in a big way. The reports are of them boycotting games as soon as next week. We will of course wait to see if that happens in the next attendance at Stamford Bridge, but honestly if it did happen, I wouldn’t blame them and am expecting it.

Despite the good Mr Abramovich has done for Chelsea FC, he has also done them harm. Most would say more harm than good, especially in the way he dealt with Mourinho, losing such a charismatic figure, they have never fully recovered, until recently with Di Matteo and now he has gone too. The simple fact is there aren’t that many Managers out there who can be mentioned in the same breath. The only other one is Guardiola, but he has not returned from his 1 year sabbatical, and Benitez is definitely not the answer.

So where to now for the talented Italian maestro. Well my initial article about managers leaving their posts had Mark Hughes pinned as the first, or one of the first to be leaving their posts. After QPR’s latest defeat to Southampton, the pressure is on and I think Hughes will be looking for a job soon. This could be great timing for the West London Club, Roberto Di Matteo would be the perfect foil for the ambitious outfit. The more I think about it, the more I can see it happening. It would suit Di Matteo as he is already settled in London. QPR are looking for a forward thinking manager, this could be the perfect match. So my money is on Di Matteo moving to Loftus Road. You read it here first…