Ferguson in for David Beckham 1

Ian Ferguson (Perth Glory Coach), admitted that it would be ‘a phenomenal signing’ if the club could pull off the signing of the signing of the century and bring David Beckham to the Australian outfit.

Ferguson in for David Beckham

Ferguson in for David Beckham

David Beckham very recently announced that he will be ending his five-year stay at LA Galaxy at the end of the month, however he has no plans to retire. This sparked a frenzy in the football world and potential suitors. So far a lot of his moves have been high-profile, there was word that PSG are vying for his signature. Harry Redknapp, new QPR manager has always been interested in Beckham, it would be very unlikely that he would venture out to Perth, but if you don’t buy a ticket, you will never win the lottery!

So far Beckham has dismissed any possibility of him joining the Perth outfit, if anything it has brought a lot of media interest to the club and Ferguson has is continually talking up the possibility of this major coup.

“I feel that if we could get Becks here it would be phenomenal for the club and for Perth and it would be a fantastic coup for the A-League,” he said. He is a player of great quality who is still playing at a high level, who takes care of himself and does the right things and the right training”.

“If you are just bringing a 37-year-old out here for a holiday and to be paraded in front of the crowd when really he’s finished, then I’d be against it. But if you’ve got a player who’s still playing at the very top-level and doing it week in week out which he is, it’s a different story.

“I’m sure there was a lot of negativity surrounding Del Piero and his move to Sydney, but he’s probably been their best player.
These are quality players and if they are still playing at the top-level and we can bring them in, then I’d say it’s a massive tick for the A-League.”

Well, he has a point, and the as mentioned before the attempt will definitely bring the side publicity, which can’t hurt.
Where do you think he will end up?