David Beckham still shining at 37 years old 4

David Beckham delivered a sparkling master class performance in PSG’s champions league encounter against Barcelona. For all the things that he is chided about from pin-up boy, model, movie star, clothing line spokesperson, to Posh Spices husband etc.

David Beckham performing for PSG

David Beckham performing for PSG

His move to PSG could all be seen as one big publicity stunt designed to satisfy his thirst to be in the spotlight and to extend his marketability, not to mention the whole hullaballoo created with his announcement that he was donating his entire salary to charity. But there’s one big problem, through it all, he was, and miraculously he still continues to be a pretty good footballer.

On the marketing side, the Beckham move does all of those things. It’s a match made it heaven. With his every move he is followed by countless media, from his first training session to his press conference and of course to his first game. His worth still in doubt, by media and fans alike. But after a month his influence is felt throughout the club.

But manager Carlo Ancelotti and PSG president Leonardo are well aware of his abilities from Beckham’s time at AC Milan and for them it was no publicity stunt. “Everyone is focused on our aim, to win the league here in France and Beckham will help us do that,” Ancelotti said.

Ancelotti went on to describe Beckham as being in good physical condition and a very good professional, who is happy to be here.” For Beckham himself who has always been ambitious, the former Manchester United midfielder has set his sights on becoming the first Englishman to win league titles in four countries, having already triumphed in England, Spain and the United States. Ancelotti went on to state further that “in my opinion he deserves this because I have always found him a fantastic player. I love Beckham not just as a player but as a character.”

Enigmatic forward, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, also had good things to say about Bekcham, saying that he believed that it is in the final fight for silverware where Beckham comes in and is important. He has this experience — he has been in this situation.
“In one month, Beckham has made a big impact on the whole team. He has big qualities on the pitch.
“With the ball he is fantastic, he gets in good crosses, he has a good touch with the ball. He is a fighter, has a big heart and he is a winner.

On Tuesday he showed his true class, playing in a deep lying midfielder role, away from trouble where he can use his vast experience knowledge and most importantly his fabulous technique. He performed a role similar to that what we see with from his former Manchester United teammate Paul Scholes. Beckham sat deep, almost quarterbacking the team, spraying the ball around and never once giving up possession or wasting a pass. At times the famous Beckham aggression and competitiveness was on display as he darted in to make some crunching tackles.

It was a performance that belied his age. It was an experienced calm and composed Beckham performing the role that we have seen him do for the past few years for the LA Galaxy. But this was not the MLS, this was the quarter finals of the Champions league, the best club football completion on the planet and the 37 year old David Beckham fit in like a glove. Maybe he’s more than a pin up boy after all.