Who will win in the Manchester Derby, Manchester United or Manchester City? 3

Manchester City are the current holders of the premiership crown after winning the title in dramatic fashion on goal difference on the final day of the season, literally out of the grasp of Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United.

The Manchester Derby

The Manchester Derby

With their championship sitting in their trophy case it would be fair to say that Manchester City has eclipsed their status as “the noisy neighbors” as they were dubbed by Sir Alex Ferguson and are instead a legitimate threat to Manchester United’s dominance. And with the continual financial backing of their deep pocketed Saudi benefactors, that threat to Manchester United’s dominance will likely continue for years to come.

Both United and City go into the Derby far from at their best. City have come nowhere close to hitting the heights in performance that they hit last season, where at times the fluidity and creativeness of their attacking play was breathtaking. While United who typically build their success a big part on their strong defense, are leaking goals like a sieve. They let in 3 last week, in the first half alone versus lowly Reading. But one of the things that they have both shown, is the ability through force of will and or character is to win games when not playing well. A trait, which is generally looked upon as the mark of champions

Although Sir Alex is famous for saying that nothing is won in December, looking at the table today it’s looking like its going to be a two-horse race. With typical challengers, Arsenal and Chelsea going through major problems of their own, both are way off the pace. With Arsenal sitting in 10th spot, playing poorly and not looking like they can arrest their slide enough to launch a serious challenge, while Chelsea are again on the management roundabout.

Currently, United sit in 1st place with City, 3 points behind in 2nd place. This week’s City – United derby is a good indicator as to where the title may end up. City won both games last year and ultimately won the championship. This game provides an opportunity for City to close the gap or for United to extend the lead. As well as the point
gap there is always the psychological edge that can be picked up by winning the game and propel you on a solid run of form, while for losers, loss of form and loss of confidence looms and possible even the Premiership title.