Mourinho must beat Man United or get dumped by Real Madrid 2

The Pressure is definitely on. Will Real Madrid lose their patience if Mourinho is dumped by Manchester United?

Jose Mourinho in a win or bust situation

The self-proclaimed special one will be back at Old Trafford in their away leg against United in the Champions League, trying to outwit the wily Scott once again. The only difference is he will be bringing with him a team that will be favorites.
This season has been a very turbulent season so far having recently lost to Malaga 3-2 and leaving them 16 Points behind arch rivals Barcelona.

In a Spanish newspaper (Mundo Deportivo) they ran a front page article headline “A16” depicting the gap, with “A16” now going viral on Facebook and Twitter as the Barcelona fans step up their taunting of the Real Madrid fans, adding that much more pressure to the Mourinho. Mourinho though insists he won’t quit the hot seat even though he has already conceded the title.

So this could be a crucial couple of games for the Portuguese tactician and I am certain with the return of Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford for the very first time since his department, that will also add another interesting element to the already pixellated pot.
Mourinho said: “I’m not worried at all and I’m not going to resign. I’m not a child, I know results count. Coaches know football has no memory and only takes into account what was done today. It doesn’t take into account what titles you’ve won, nor the work you’ve done.

“If I felt the players did not want to continue I’d be too honest to carry on. But they are not like that. We are just lacking some luck, that’s all.”

The first part of the showdown in February, one of the picks of the Champions Leagues games. It should be an interesting and very dramatic two evening games of football.