Adel Taarabt has a new outlandish statement! 3

In recent weeks, Adel Taarabt (23 years) offers interviews crisp. Adel Taarabt believes from his agent that Barcelona or AC Milan would want him.

Adel Taarabt has definitely a huge self-confidence

Adel Taarabt has definitely a huge self-confidence

Its bright future (he announced in the viewfinder of Barcelona and AC Milan) racism in France through its refusal to join the selection of Morocco for the Africa Cup of Nations, the play maker QPR has been delighting journalists. Well, the Lion of the Atlas has done it again in the columns of the London Evening Standard . The former has just launched Lensois it was the key to keeping his team in the Premier League.

“I can play a big role”, he began quietly before proceeding. “I know people think I have a big head. I’m not like that, but I think I’m an important player for this team and if I play well for four months, I think we can stay in the Premier League”, he dropped, whereas the maintenance of QPR will depend on its level so that by the end of the season and Moroccan international, 4 goals to counter Premier League in 18 matches, moreover argued.

“I just play my game, as I’ve always done since I was young. I am a player who can score the goal that made ​​my team win. Whenever I’m on the field, I know I can make something happens “ , he said, declaring that he would adapt his game continue to surprise again and again. “All teams against I know that when I play I try to be unpredictable. I just play and when my opponents think I’ll just play, I catch them dribbling and hitting the goal “ , he concluded.

If the qualities of native Berre L’Etang is undeniable, it detonates outright other players who, despite their status (include the three finalists for the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2012, for example) still boast the collective. Adel Taarabt is inhabited by a huge trust him enough to think he can make a difference by itself on the meadow. This will be detrimental he? Harry Redknapp and QPR fingers crossed.