Gareth Bale – Walking amongst giants? 4


Gareth Bale the Tottenham winger receives high praises from the former manager Harry Rednknapp, but is he one of the greats?

When someone of the calibre and stature of Harry Redknapp sings your praises despite the fact that he is no longer your boss, I think that is saying something and huge recognition for the boy most would consider one of the best wide players in the game today, or would they?

“He’s an amazing, amazing talent and he’s after the Ronaldos and Messis of this world and he’s getting better and better,”
Harry also says of Bale, “He’s almost unplayable when he’s on his game.  He is a genuine world-class player.  There’s no body he couldn’t play for.  He’s improve any team.  “He is already at the top but any team in the world would love to have Gareth Bale playing for them.

“He can do everything and could play anywhere. He’s the full package,” Redknapp added. “He can head it, he can dribble, he can shoot, he’s got a great physique.

“With 10 minutes to go you’re looking for somebody who can do something special and Gareth can do something special.

He’s an amazing athlete, he can score with both feet – there are no weaknesses in his game. It was amazing how he turned the game around for Wales against Scotland. .

“He is a great lad as well with a good family behind him. It couldn’t happen to a nicer lad.”

Truly high praise, I mean he did singly handedly tear Inter Milan to shreds, however, every fans argument would be this I’m sure, when Bale is on his game, he is simply irresistible, but how often does that happen?  To be a World Class player and viewed in the same light as the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of this world, he surely has to be churning these kind of performances day in an day out.  

I agree with Harry when he says that when he is on his game he is unstoppable, but how often does that happen?  Do you agree with Redknapp, or does Bale still have a long way to go?