Mario Balotelli could be on his way to AC Milan 8

Mario Balotelli (Manchester City to AC Milan)

Mario Balotelli on his way out of City

Mario Balotelli on his way out of City

Mario Balotelli, recognized more for his antics off the field than on finally seems to be on his way out. Roberto Mancini was adamant he could tame the 22-year-old front man, but is resigned to the fact that even he can not quench the fire that burns at times out of control. AC Milan who have been struggling in recent times are very keen and are making their move hoping to bring him in inside the window.

If this does happen, it will be a great transfer for both clubs. With City having no shortage of striking power and AC Milan in need of it. Balotelli who was adopted into an Italian family already fluent in the language is keen on moving closer to home and back to a culture and climate he is accustomed too. The only problem he might face, is the Milan fans not so keen on him coming to the San Siro.

Mario Balotelli is a key player in the Italian national team and is popular amongst some Italian sections. Let’s see what happens, do you think this is a good switch?