Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger reveals how he just missed out on another deadline day signing, is it little too late? 7

Arsene Wenger thinking of new signings

Arsene Wenger thinking of new signings

The obvious target and someone who would have definitely put the Arsenal fans at ease was Barcelona striker David Villa, who could easily grace any teams front line and Stevan Jovetic also on their radar. But alas it didn’t happen. I am certain that Arsene would have liked for it to happen, but my thought’s are, with so many top players having already left the London club, is it little too late for Arsene. Why would the top stars in the world want to grace the Emirates stadium now?

Arsene Wenger just revealed he missed out on a deadline day move for another player. “We were close to one more signature, yes,” revealed Wenger.

I do not think it’s a coincidence. A number of years ago, this would never have happened. Especially when the Invincible’s were in tact and before that, I remember when Marc Overmars was being heavily tipped for Old Trafford and Manchester United, but instead decided to choose Arsene ahead of them. How times have changed.

Have you heard the expression, stuck in a rut?

Unfortunately for Arsene, I think he knows this more than most. His only saving grace was the resigning of forward Theo Walcott, possibly a turn in the tide? Possibly, but as we can see the tops stars do not agree with the philosophy that has been long-established at the North London Club.

It will be interesting to see who Arsene will sign this summer, time could be running out for a club that was once used to winning trophies on a season to season basis.