Why I believe Wayne Rooney will be a Chelsea player in the next few weeks. 3

Last week Manchester United rejected a £22million bid from rivals Chelsea for United striker Wayne Rooney, but manager Jose ­Mourinho is expected to increase the offer to ­£30million and try to prize away the lynch pin in the Manchester United manifold.

Colleen Rooney searching for properties in London

Colleen Rooney searching for properties in London

Well at least that is what I think, in regards to him being a lynch pin that is. The question, however, I beg to ask is, do Chelsea really need Wayne Rooney? They have oodles of young talent in the areas that Rooney thrives in, with Oscar and Mata but to name a few.
With Coleen (Wayne Rooney’s wife) already looking south for a new home, the signs don’t get any clearer.
Wayne Rooney like most superstars just wants to be loved and feel like he is needed, but now that RVP (Van Persie) is the new hero, he (Rooney) feels left out and can not play second fiddle having being the first name on the team sheet for so many years.

Rooney's arrival a sign of his depature

Rooney’s arrival a sign of his depature

The papers, supporters and critiques have been pretty harsh on Wayne and his so-called indifference, but can we blame him? It’s not easy-going from king of the castle to eating scraps off the king’s table over night. Yes he makes millions and is a superstar and is idolized all over, but he like any other superstar has a sense of pride that was pretty much forced into him by the supporters, so can we blame him for looking else where now that he is no longer top dog?

Rooney and Moye's have always had a strained relationship

Rooney and Moye’s have always had a strained relationship

He probably believes that he has achieved everything he needs to achieve at Manchester United and with Sir Alex Ferguson moving upstairs may feel that now is as good a time

as any to try a different challenge. His relationship with David Moyes was never great especially after Moyes tried to sue Wayne back in the day. And with Mourinho “The Special One” waiting in the wings, the fresh challenge and to be coached by another charismatic figure in Jose, may be too irresistible even for him.

Jose back at Chelsea, a man with a mission

Jose back at Chelsea, a man with a mission

I believe that in the next few weeks, Rooney will be wearing the blue of Chelsea. You heard it first here, and I’d love to hear your thoughts…