Jack Wilshere rips Brazil apart 4

Jack Wilshere and a very vibrant England tore strips out of a decent Brazil side, what’s going on?

Jack Wilshere man handling a good Brazil side

Jack Wilshere man handling a good Brazil side

England actually looked very good. The passing was sharp, fluid, decisive. Good movement on and off the ball.
Could this new crop of players be the answer to years of pain and hurt? Maybe.
But for me the stand out players were Theo Walcott, Wayne Rooney, Tom Cleverly and Jack “The Terrier” Wilshere, who was also named man of the match.

With Theo Walcott with his speed and now being far more direct on the wings, Wayne with his smarts and hustle up top, Tom Cleverly and Jack Wilshere in the middle of the park dictating the pace, it looked like the glory days could possibly be back.

The last time i witnessed a performance like the one we had yesterday was when England destroyed Germany 5-1 in 2001 at the Olympic Stadium, Munich, in front of 63,000 fans, predominantly German. However, we didn’t move on from there, instead of using it as a stepping stone to greater things, if anything, Germany used that as a stepping stone and it kicked them into action. However, in this case I am for the first time, slightly optimistic.

So long as we can keep those 4 in the side at all times, I think England actually have a chance of emulating Spain and their recent success.

The answer is to stick with what we are doing, Roy Hodgson seems to have the right idea, integrating youth and building a good foundation for the future. The one thing that really needs to change, is our own perception, the fans and the press.

We need to be patient, especially when we can see that good things need time. Like a nicely cooked meal. Lets not microwave success, it has to be slow cooked. The signs are good, and with Jack Wilshere, at the helm, I predict good things.

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