Pelé the Best- HD 1

“What Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo can do with a ball, Pelé could do it with a golf ball” – Antoine Martin

 “I wish to be so great as Pelé and Muhammad Ali” – Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter, 6 Olympic Gold Medals, 5 times World Champion.

Pelé, the best footballer to ever play the game?

Pelé, the best footballer to ever play the game?


#Highest football offer – US$ 30 milion by Milan in the 60’s
(230 Million $ today)

#100 meters in 11 seconds

#69 Championships Won
#1281 Official Goals Scored
#1363 Official Matches Played

#8 Goals in 1 Match
#98 Hattricks (hattrick = 3 Goals in one Match)

#589 Unofficial Goals Scored
#605 Unofficial Matches Played

#TOTAL = 1870 Goals Scored in 1968 Matches
#Played in 4 World Cups and Won 3 World Cups

#75 goals in world cups
#12 goals in one world cup
#129 goals in 1959 in Brazil’s Championship

#Scored Brazil’s 100th Goal in World Cup Competitions
#Won His First World Cup at the age of 17

#Athlete of the XXth Century by The International Olympic Committee
#Football Player of the Century by FIFA

#Leading World Record of 69 Championships Won