Xabi Alonso: “Tiki-taka is not our style” 2

Speaking to UEFA’s ‘Champions’ magazine, Xabi Alonso highlighted the differences between the style of football played by  Real Madrid and by Barcelona . “Tiki-taka isn’t our style. We have a clear aim, which is to get into the opposition box as quickly as possible”.

Xabi Alonso- 'Tiki-taka isn't our style'

Xabi Alonso- ‘Tiki-taka isn’t our style’

The midfielder was also speaking about the clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford: “From the fans’ point of view and because of the history of both clubs, this meeting is pure football. Winning the club’s 10th European Cup mustn’t become an obsession, because that doesn’t help, but it is a major target”.

The Real Madrid defender claimed “we have players who are on another level compared to my previous clubs. Our forwards can create chances at any given moment”. Alonso believes his own form is a reflection of the team as a whole: “My performances always depend on the team. That’s what really matters to me: the team. When I see things that can be improved, that means I have room for improvement, too”.