Lionel Messi refuses to exchange shirt with El Shaarawy 24

FC Barcelona played AC Milan at the Nou Camp and defeated their opponent and qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

With the match finishing with the score of 4-0 to FC Barcelona (2-4 aggregated) AC Milan had no chance against Spanish giants who brought their game at the Nou Camp. Lionel Messi the goal scorer of two goals was on focus but when the game had finished Stephan El Shaarawy who is today one of AC Milan top goal scorer refused to swap shirts with sign of respect.

El Shaarawy didn't understand why the holder of the Ballon d'Or wouldn't swap shirts

El Shaarawy didn’t understand why the holder of the Ballon d’Or wouldn’t swap shirts

Breaking News- El Shaarawy denies this report and says that Messi gave him the shirt in the locker room!

  • Jakob

    Messi often tell players that want to exchange shirts that he prefers to do so in the dressing room. That’s what he told El Shaarawy. Look at Messi knotting his head and El Shaarawy didn’t look the least bit surprised which he probably would have if Messi had said no. Nice try though.

    • Ali

      oh yah mad

  • Dan

    This has been blown WAY out of proportion. Even if he did refuse to give the shirt to El Shaaraway, which it’s OBVIOUS he didn’t from the way he nodded his head, maybe he had already promised it to someone else before the game. People don’t think about that, because in this technological era of dumb armchair ‘experts’, everyone is looking an excuse to hate.

  • Cr7god

    He has his shirt he posted the pic on twitter why make one of the greatest players who has ever played out to be like that its just wrong you should find out the truth before you spread lies not good at all

  • Daniel

    I did not see him refusing and I don’t understand why some people post lies publicly to ruin the name of good people. I think Football deluxe should filter this type of information before releasing it to the public.

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  • Chris Lakamoyo

    Shame on Elerian! should apologize to the entire sports world!

  • lamin b touray

    it is just a game after all, humanity and friendship must be recognized with no racism

  • lamin b touray

    messi doesnt show like a bad guy or troubled some and he is d best player even among the most descipline players on dis earth. he is fantastic really unpredictable messi is messi to be frank he is a special man

  • Jackson

    May be you just hate him!

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  • messi is a stupid player selfish

    • Guest

      you bitch

    • Guest

      foolish man

    • too harsh

    • Ali

      shut up mad never

  • jojo

    lets understand messi n why he prefers givin a shirt in the locker.u wil agree wit me dat messi doesnt easiliy remove hs shirt in public.may it cud be bcoz of hs bio makeup,who knows??????????????????????????

    • Guest

      your mother

  • messy

    Messy is best so he should it the way he want

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  • Ali

    Hi, man what`s up