Jay-Jay Okocha: English Premier League Legend 1

Jay Jay Okocha, “so good they named him twice” lit up the English Premier league with style and panache that graced English football stadiums from 2002 through 2006.

Bolton and Nigeria legend Jay Jay Okocha

Bolton and Nigeria legend Jay Jay Okocha

The Nigerian superstar joined Bolton Wanderers on a free transfer after leaving PSG in the summer of 2002 after an impressive World Cup.
Okocha was an integral part of a Bolton side that under manager Sam Allardyce established the club as a legitimate premiership team.

Okocha, led the Bolton midfield with his elaborate style of play epitomized by his step overs, creative play, long range shooting and overall skillful play. As a child learned to play football on the street just like many other football stars, usually with a makeshift ball.
In his first season for Bolton, despite being hampered by injury, he became a favourite of the Bolton fans, where he was idolized on the terraces with the fans singing his praises, with the words, ” Jay-Jay – so good they named him twice”.
That same year, Okocha played a major part in steering the team away from relegation with seven goals, including the team Goal of the Season. That same goal would later go onto to be voted as Bolton’s best Premier League goal in a fans vote in 2008.

The next season saw Okocha receive more responsibility as he was given the captain’s armband. As captain he led Bolton to their first cup final in nine years where they finished runners-up in the 2004 Football League Cup.

Okocha left Bolton in 2006, to pursue greener pastures in the Middle East. By that time his legacy was ensured as he was loved by the Bolton fans.

Following Bolton’s relegation from the Premier League in 2012, Okocha stated that he was saddened that the club could not have continued to build upon the solid foundation that he and others had laid.

Jay Jay Okocha, English Premier League Legend, so good they named him twice.