So what do they do with Rafa Benitez? 3

I was looking for an appropriate title for this article and all I could think of was, how can they (Chelsea FC/Roman Abramovich) get rid of a coach that has just brought them a European title? But then again, that’s not too hard to comprehend as his predecessor brought them the UEFA Champions League and they sacked him only after a few months.

Rafa Benitez lifts the Europa Cup

Rafa Benitez lifts the Europa Cup

This all seems like lunacy, in fact the world of football is most of the time. Only a week a go, one of the greatest managers ever, resigned having also been manager for the same club for almost 27 years, winning 38 trophies and his replacement, David Moyes, who had been manager for Everton FC for 11 years having won absolutely nothing, does that sound like lunacy to you? And yet, 200 miles south of Manchester, they seem to want to change managers every second.

Roman Abramovich meets David Beckham

Roman Abramovich meets David Beckham

Albeit, they have had some success, well I say some, a huge amount of success, especially in the last two years. But at what cost? Millions and millions of pounds spent, Abramovich himself declaring he has not taken a penny, but in essence has been a toy for the wealthy russian billionaire.

Rafa Benitez paid tribute to his Chelsea side after their last gasp Europa Cup final win against Benfica, and the player he signed for Liverpool came up trumps scoring the first goal which was cancelled out soon after, however Chelsea very similar to their win over Barcelona last year pulled out a passionate second half display and snatched glory.

This victory must be a huge vindication for the Spaniard, because from the very start the Chelsea faithful were adamant they did not want Rafa, chanting hateful chants and displaying banners wanting Rafa ousted even before it all began.

The part I enjoyed the most was Rafa’s beaming smile out on the field of Amsterdam, he was probably thinking, I showed you!!

Now the real question remains, what does Abramovich do? It’s no secret the beloved Mourinho, the Special One, the Chosen One, seems to be on his way back.

Do they (Abramovich) remain true to the contract and have him walk away at the end of this year. Do not forget he has also reserved a spot in the Champions League for next year, and they came close in the FA Cup. It’s a tough one folks.. and what ever happens, the Chelsea faithful will have to look at where it all began, November 25th, and Benitez was probably given the worst reception any incoming manager had received in history… and then reflect on that day and the many many months that followed and probably acknowledge that they were a tad hasty. Not a chance!!!

So what to do now? You tell us..

  • Sydney Kalunga

    Do not mislead people, Rafa has a contract which runs upto the end of the season, the issue of getting rid of him does not arise,,,his contract is clear, end of season..Rafa go as simple as that..

    • Sydney I think you should read the article again.

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