UEFA Champions League Final: Fussball Come Home. 1

Fussball Come Home.

Germany invasion in Wembley. Yeah, maybe we expected that we can watch an all England Final.

This is irony, no English team in Final even in Semifinal of UCL 2012/2013. The reality are two Germans team in semifinal beating the overrated Spanish teams and make a Der Klassiker final. A big hit for England FA (Football Association), because UEFA choose Wembley to celebrate the 150th of FA.

Why German? Why not English teams? It would be unfair if we talk about national team. German created a young star player like Oezil, Gotze, Khedira, etc and England young player still busy with “how to get in the first team?”. And the national team of England never beat German since 1966. So what can you expect for UCL this season? All England final? Just say thanks to Chelsea who already give us a title in Europa League.

But, if you see this final. Munich and Dortmund will open your eyes about how to create (and use them, not sell them like Arsenal) the young star player who stole your attention to Bundesliga.

And this will be the 4th all nation final. First we saw Real Madrid-Valencia (2000), AC Milan-Juventus (2003), Manchester United-Chelsea (2008). But, this final not means German invade the Europe, because Spain still the best one. Did you know? From 10 clubs who through to Semifinal in last 5 years, there are only five teams who have played in Semifinal more than once. Barcelona (5), Real Madrid (4), Chelsea and Munich (3), Manchester United (2).

Want it or not, we must appreciate the Germans to invade Wembley, maybe one day if UCL Final in Wembley again, English team would be in Final. For now, football not coming home, but Fussball coming home.

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