Most expensive players in Europe are evolving 4

The Football Observatory has published its ranking of the world’s most expensive players.

The prices today has changed for the most expensive players in the world

The prices today has changed for the most expensive players in the world

At this time of the transfer window, rich transfer rumors and intense negotiations, the Observatory of European football has decided to publish in its annual report a ranking of the most expensive players in world football. According to various parameters and estimates, it is Lionel Messi tops. The market value engineering FC Barcelona would be between 217.4 and €252.6 million. The four FIFA Ballon d’Or ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recruit the Portuguese star of Real Madrid would cost, according to the study, between 102.2 and €118.7 million. It is not far from the amounts mentioned by the British media about alleged offers of Monaco, Paris St. Germain and Manchester United for him. The price of Edinson Cavani, the Uruguayan striker Naples also unleashed the passions of the transfer market, is within a range between 58.3 and €67.8 million.

The former Lille’s Eden Hazard him off the podium after one season at Chelsea, its value already at between 55.5 and €64.5 million! The New Monaco Radamel Falcao is not far away, with a value between 46.3 and €53.8 million. A bit cheaper than the advertised price when transferred on the Rock (€60M). PSG Lucas and Thiago Silva are a little further in the ranking (between 30.5 and €35.5 million for the first, between 29.1 and €33.9 million for the second).

French side, Karim Benzema comes first, twelfth overall. Despite the many criticisms wiped the Real Madrid striker saw his estimated between 41.6 and € 48.4 million value. The innkeeper Bayern Munich Franck Ribery, twenty-fifth, following (between 31 and 36 M €). They are the only two of the Top 60 El Tri.

Top 10 highest market values

- 1. Lionel Messi (ARG) between 217.4 and € 252.6 million

- 2. Cristiano Ronaldo (POR): between 102.2 and € 118.7 million

- 3. Edinson Cavani (URU): between 58.3 and € 67.8 million

- 4. Eden Hazard (BEL): between 55.5 and € 64.5 million

- 5. Sergio Aguero (ARG): between 48.6 and € 56.4 million

- 6. Radamel Falcao (COL): between 46.3 and € 53.8 million

- 7. Mario Balotelli (ITA) between 45.5 and € 52.9 million

- 8. Wayne Rooney (ENG): between 45.1 and € 52.4 million

- 9. Gareth Bale (GAL) between 43.5 and € 50.6 million

- 10. David Silva (ESP): between 43.5 and € 50.5 million