The Luis Suarez case- or when the dog bites his own master 0

Luis Suarez says he wants to leave Liverpool and join a team competing in the Champions League. He will take legal action if his current club doesn’t let him go. What an ungrateful man! Doesn’t he remember what Liverpool did for him and all the damage he’s done to the club. Of course he’s an amazing goalscorer but his attitude stinks. Read what he says and my commentary below and tell me if you agree.

Luis Suarez says he wants to leave Liverpool and join a team competing in the Champions League.

Luis Suarez says he wants to leave Liverpool and join a team competing in the Champions League.

The Uruguay striker, 26, intends to submit a transfer request by the end of the week if a move is blocked.

Suarez told the Guardian and Daily Telegraph that the Reds “promised” he could leave this summer if they did not qualify for the Champions League.

“I gave absolutely everything last season. Now all I want is for Liverpool to honour our agreement,” he said.

“Last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we failed to qualify for the Champions League the following season I’d be allowed to go.”

“I am 26, I need to be playing in the Champions League. I feel I have done enough to be playing in the Champions League at this stage of my career. Now there is an option for me to do that and I want very much to take it,” he said.

“I don’t feel betrayed but the club promised me something a year ago, just as I promised them that I would stay and try everything possible to get us into the Champions League.”

Now this is what really gets me with Suarez. He’s a selfish, disloyal an ungrateful player. To add to this Suarez is also a cheat and a crazy man who goes around biting people. If I was a club owner, I wouldn’t want him in my squad, even if he’s prolific striker who scored 30 goals in 44 appearances last season.

This is the moment when Luis Suarez bites Ivanovic's arm during a football game against Chelsea

This is the moment when Luis Suarez bites Ivanovic’s arm during a football game against Chelsea

Why am I saying this? See for yourself. Not so long ago he was tired of the English press for being too harsh towards him and wanted to leave the Premier League, now he wants to go to Arsenal!

Remember the Ivanovic case? It was horrendous. Suarez for no reason sank his teeth into the poor opponent’s arm and grabbed a bite. Liverpool were very supportive and backed him up. Is he being grateful? No. He is now accusing them of breaking their promise. Even a dog doesn’t bite the hand that gives him food, but Suarez is the dog who bites his master.

This was not an isolated case. Before that there was the infamous handshake and the racial abuse towards Evra. Again the club gave Luis its support.

Unfortunately, the world of football is only a reflection of the society we live in. It’s a dog eat dog world where everyone is in it for themselves. There is no sense of loyalty any longer, or selflessness. Where are the Giggs, the Scholes, the Totti, the Del Piero or Gerrard ? Where are these men who were loyal to one club?

Today it seems that fighting for the jersey doesn’t mean anything anymore. Players are motivated by greed. Money and fame, individual records, this is how they measure success. But I’m telling you now, football is not tennis, as far as I’m concerned it’s still a collective sport. Suarez can go and break records but if he doesn’t become a team player he will soon be forgotten. All the greats were footballers who would play for the team, and not only for themselves.

Sorry Luis, but your reputation was already pretty bad. You could have kept a low profile but you decided to open your big mouth and to accuse Brendan Rodgers of breaking his promise, and now you are prepared to take legal action against the club that has protected you in tough times.

This is petty and you won’t come out of it looking good. If I was an Arsenal fan (and perhaps I am) I would not want you in the team. Football doesn’t need players like you…unless you change your attitude.

To end on a positive note. Watch what Luis Suarez can do with the ball. No one can deny he’s a fantastic player: