Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, the deadline is fast approaching … 0

A transfer season that has offered so much, has thrown up nothing but speculation and innuendo and now with a mere 4 days left the the transfer window is on the verge of slamming shut.

Real Madrid transfer target Gareth Bale

Real Madrid transfer target Gareth Bale

The names of Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale have dominated the headlines throughout the summer, but only the Bale deal appears to be heading towards an actual transaction. For that to happen Real Madrid will have to meet the astronomical figure of $85 million. A massive and unbelievable sum for a player who may not yet prove to be worth the expense. By all accounts Bale, along with Robin van Persie and Luis Suarez has been the most dominant players in the EPL. for pst 3 years. Spurs owner Daniel Levy is famous for taking negotiations down to the wire to maximize his profits. If that deal does get done, might be the first domino to fall leading to others around taking place. The possible additional moves may include Angel di Maria, Mesuit Ozul and Benzema. We will have to wait until the final minute to see if these deals actually come to fruition.

In other transfer news, Wayne Rooney, the one time darling of Manchester United, has been involved in transfer speculation since he was benched by Sir Alex
Ferguson in United’s Champions League quarter final clash with Real Madrid. Robin van Persie has come in and taken on the role of top dog and Rooney has been deemed to be surplus to requirements. The situation wasn’t helped much when new manager David Moyes, also claimed that Rooney would be second choice to van Persie.
In response Rooney has made it known that he wants to leave the club, eventhough he hasn’t officially requested a transfer. Making it clear that he’s preferred destination is Chelsea, while Chelsea have returned the favor, submitting two bids for the striker. Through it all Manchester United have maintained that Rooney is not for sale, while also claiming that if they were to sell him, they would certainly not sell him to Chelsea. The situation was given added spice when Rooney was selected to start in the Big Chelsea United clash. To his credit Rooney put in a solid performance. If the Chelsea deal falls through, Rooney’s options are severely limited due to his salary and status.

and last but not least, the name of Luis Suarez is still being bounded about with offers coming in from Rel Madrid and Arsenal as well as from overseas. And like the Rooney situation the club insists that the player is not for sale.

It looks like it will all go down to the wire.