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Matchpack: Argentina Vs Uruguay0

Uruguay, winner of the last Copa America, destroyed 4-0 in Colombia in September, moves Friday to Argentina, the leader, for 9th day of qualifications in the area Amsud of the World Cup 2014.

Malaga the rising team of Spain4

Malaga has proven skills and has brought possibility of them going far in the Champions League, but can they go the full way in rising up the trophy and being the new title holder?

Neymar at PSG? Why not!3

Under contract with the Santos club until June 2014, the Brazilian prodigy Neymar, 20, stirs up envy from the most powerful clubs in Europe, including Paris-SG. An interest that has not gone unnoticed by the Seleçao star.

FC Porto, or when money isn’t everything.6

The lack of money could explain the lack of success of certain clubs in European competitions. If your club has a history but hasn’t won the Champion’s league in decades you probably will be hiding behind the lame excuse that it is because of budget. Chelsea, Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester or Milan are three or four […]