Real Amazing! 2

Real Madrid won the clash at the finish against Manchester City (3-2) Tuesday in Santiago Bernabeu. The Merengue were behind at five minutes from the end, before Benzema – replacement – and Ronaldo scored.

Real Madrid 3-ManchesterCity 2. Real Amazing

Real Madrid 3-ManchesterCity 2. Real Amazing

City was not far from the heist. But Tuesday night, Ronaldo reiterated he was able to bring law to Santiago Bernabeu. A few seconds of the final whistle, the Portuguese striker has signed the winning goal for Real Madrid (3-2) . From the edge of the area, he sent a clear shot that surprised Kompany and Hart (90th), as he did forget his discretion on the second period. Ronaldo had opened fire from the first moment, playing the Belgian defender, but not the English goalkeeper (8e). He set the tone for a match that Merengue dominated, but they almost lost to the realism or the success of Manchester City.

Varane in the starting 11, Benzema substitute scorer

During most of the time, the champion of England was happy to make the round back. Tevez was fairly well controlled by Varane, who holds surprise instead of Ramos. The time City came twice (68th, 85th), each time to enable it to carry. First with a fantastic ride Yaya Touré, party to serve against Dzeko (0-1, 68th) just entered instead of Silva and then with a free kick from Kolarov has not been sold but directly nets Casillas (1-2, 85th). The Serbian defender less success in a few minutes earlier (72nd), thought to have done better than fulfill his contract after replacing Nasri injured (36th). For the left legs of Di Maria and Marcelo were they, not have the same precision, despite numerous attempts (41st, 45th 1, 47th, 60th, 65th).

Mourinho, as Mancini has an expanded bench: three goals of the night were scored by substitutes , but José Mourinho, like its counterpart Roberto Mancini has a quality bench and proved through his coaching: entries Özil and Real Modric allowed the use of the ball better to approach the surface Mancunian. Especially, Benzema, once again replacing the kickoff for the benefit of Higuain, placed a pivot strikes millimeter (87th), scoring his first goal of the season. The French and realized the pressure from Madrid late in the game. And paved the way for the victorious intervention of Ronaldo.


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