Mourinho:”Ronaldo deserves the Golden Ball 2012 more than Messi” 3

Mourinho believes that Ronaldo is far better player than Messi and believes that Ronaldo should win the Golden Ball this time.

Mourinho thinks ronaldo deserves the Golden Ball more than Messi

Mourinho thinks ronaldo deserves the Golden Ball more than Messi

The Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho expressed his full support to his player Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays under his command in the team Real Madrid, pointing out that he is the rightful Golden Ball award for best player in the world during 2012.

Mourinho in an interview with Channel “Ebola T” in Portuguese expressed that Ronaldo deserves the award more than his main rival, Lionel Messi who plays for Barcelona

Jose Mourinho said “to be Ronaldo is much harder than to be Messi. Ronaldo is not protected by the referees; he does not get all of the touches on the warning. Ronaldo has demonstrated quality football and character and scores goals even though he plays as a winger, not a striker. I believe that not to grant the Golden Ball this year to Ronaldo will be a crime if it happened”, said Mourinho.

Ronaldo has shown clear class of football where as he demonstrates the model of being a footballer, what Mourinho tried to express with his comment was that Ronaldo does not play as a striker when he is with his club Real Madrid but becomes one of the highest goal scorers today.