“The Knives are out” 2

The knives are out and are being sharpened, the hangman’s noose is being readied, the executioner is standing at the side waiting to be called upon. However you choose to slice it, in the case of one Andre Villas Boas “the Jury is still out”.
Villas Boas

Villas Boas

His Tottenham Hotspur side finally get a win under their belts with two goals from Jermaine Defoe in a 3-1 win against a less than convincing Reading team. No matter what Andreas Villas Boas says, there was, and continues to be pressure on him as the new Spurs manager.This win takes the pressure off him for the time being.
The 1st win of the season gives him a little breathing space and keeps the fans off his back, for now.

After coming in from Porto with a fantastic reputation, it wouldn’t be a insult to say that he flamed out and got it all wrong at Chelsea. Accused of trying to do too much too soon, he changed their system, stopped playing and upset his veterans and ultimately he upset the apple cart and the whole thing tipped over. And was eventually sacked from his position as a result.

He has now stepped into the hot seat of the Tottenham Hotspur dugout left vacant by the departure of the much loved and highly successful Harry Redknapp.

Redknapp is a hard act to follow. He’s a well loved character, almost a perfect fit for a spurs manager.
He was cut from the same cloth as the fans, literally one of their own. A quick witted Cockney, Londoner, a walking sound bite, with all the charm of a used car salesman, and the Tottenham fans loved him.

Upon his arrival at Spurs, Redknapp dragged the club out of the relegation zone, leading them to a respectable top 10 finish. The following seasons ended with two top four finishes and a 5th place in 4 years, and a memorable Champions League run that saw them go up against the likes of Inter Milan & Real Madrid. His accomplishments have easily made him the most successful manager in the clubs premier league history.

Villas Boas on the other-hand, although he still has good reputation on the continent, after his failed run at Chelsea, he still seen as a bit of a gamble.

To keep the fans off his back or better still, get them on his side, he will need to put together a decent run of results get the team playing at a nice style of football and the team comfortably hovering around the top 5 – 7 spots in the table.

If he does that he may have a nice Christmas. If he does not the jury may bring in their verdict, sooner rather than later.