Should player like John Terry be banned? 4

John Terry has decided to retire from playing with the International team of England but Hodgson believes even if guilty he should stay playing from England.

John Terry and Roy Hodgson

John Terry and Roy Hodgson

The England international has officially retired from playing for the international team. There has been the rise of racial abuse from John Terry towards Anton Ferdinand, Roy Hodgson who is presently the England manager said he couldn’t understand why John Terry decided to leave, Roy Hodgson said:

“I am of course disappointed to lose a player of John’s international experience and exceptional ability. I have enjoyed a good relationship with John during my time as England manager and I reluctantly accept his decision. I can also confirm that he had the courtesy to call me prior to announcing his retirement from the England team.”

But according to Hodgson and the employers they made clear that even if John Terry was found guilty he could even return. What Roy Hodgson believes is morally unacceptable because of the lack of justice on racial abuse. Personally I believe players who racially abuse each other should be banned from such sports because it delivers wrong character to those who desire to become footballers. Fabio Capello who was the previous England captain stripped John Terry of his captaincy because of the racial abuse that John Terry shown, the majority of people believed that he shown racial abuse.

Football has to be a sport of bringing excellence but also a sport to reflect and show that it is for respect to all people that one encounters with.