Barça / PSG / Santos: Neymar sets the record straight 6

While his future in Europe is the talk of the town , Neymar has once again explained his intentions to the journalists of ESPN Brazil.


Neymar still not ready for Europe

Neymar still not ready for Europe


“Neymar, the phenomenon can sign an agreement with both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona” (El Confidencial), “Neymar dreaming of Paris” (Le Parisien), “The Barça hired a bodyguard for Neymar in Europe “(Sport) for several days, the European press made its headlines on the future of Neymar (20 years old), sometimes sending him to FC Barcelona, now to Paris SG. Not really tired of these incessant rumours, the international auriverde has once again set the record straight.

“This debate going on or not, it depends more on me than anyone else. This is a decision that belongs to me, with my father, my family, my friends. I am in Santos. Today, I do not see myself leaving the country, leaving Santos. I said that I would stay until 2014 because it is the date of my contract, “he said before handing it could even extend to Santos. “And, depending on things that could happen, I could even extend,” he said.

That is to say, despite all the rumours circulating about him, the Brazilian star remains cool and still seals his future to Santos until at least 2014. “Not today, I do not want to leave. Play in the Champions League? This is a great competition, I follow it sometimes. But today, this is not the time, “he concluded. Will these new statements will calm the ardor of European media so quick to send Neymar left, right and center ? Nothing is less certain …