Who will win the Champions League? 2

The Champions League has begun with a new turn which has shown no clear signs of who will the Champions League.


Ronaldo disappointed with lose against Borussia Dortmund at the Champions League

Ronaldo disappointed with lose against Borussia Dortmund at the Champions League


On the 23rd and 24th October 2012 there was a shock of scores that came from the Champions League. The biggest teams in Europe such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan, Chelsea, and Manchester City have lost their matches which gave many people signs that one of these big teams might not win the Champions League.

The Champions League this year has brought more sparks into the matches by making it unpredictable in who will be lifting the trophy. The team who has the chance to go far with the competition will be Malaga. Malaga who played against AC Milan who are today looked upon by most people around the world to be one of best teams today in the Italian Serie A and also the world but were defeated by the Spanish side.

Manchester City who won the Premiership title are beginning to panic with their race for the Champions League and to retain their title in the Premiership but lost against the Dutch team of Ajax, this has shocked many fans around the world today with all these top teams in losing, has the Champions League top teams finally come to an end whereby a new team will rise.

Malaga could be the team this year that will shock the world and to prove that it has what it takes to go far with the Champions League. It will be good to see a new team rise to show that the potential of football has not died out and that there is life in these other teams and to show that being in the Champions League is being proven that you will have to be the top team in your country.