Paul Pogba, the French rising star of the Juventus, takes the world of football by storm 3

Paul Pogba has been noticed in Manchester United, just that. And he snubbed Ferguson and the Red Devils by not extending his contract. He joined Juventus, who got a bargain, paying Manchester a training allowance. After a few inputs and a start in the league, he scored a beautiful goal against Napoli and the winning goal against Bologna. An achievement that propels him to the status of great hope of the club.

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The career of Paul Pogba was paved when the French arrived in Manchester . Waiting for his chance to show what he was worth and gradually becoming a regular in the first team,  it was his mission. But the French-Guinean had no time to waste. Ferguson wanted to grow him in his own way. Paul Pogba wanted playing time, the opportunity to prove his worth. Just turned 18, he negotiated a new contract with his club. But Fergie sticking to his guns. Paul had to wait to become a regular resident of the first team …

He then decided to leave. To let his contract expire. And there negotiating. Inevitably, some clubs are interested. Among them, Juventus will have him signed, beating competition from Chelsea and Arsenal. “There were things on which we did not agree. I do not regret anything. I learned a lot there. But it must be in order to understand my decision, said the midfielder. This is the feeling I had with the coach. The coach, he trusted me, but he did not use me, he said I was too young. He said: “Your time will come. Ferguson had criticized him, saying he had misbehaved with the club and he was so pleased with the departure of a player who has no place in Manchester. Paul Pogba has concluded: “I do not know why he said that. A 19-year-old who says no, maybe it was too much. But for me, it will not change anything. This is not to say that I will speak ill of Manchester. I love this club. ‘


Paul Pogba, the French rising star of the Juventus, takes the world of football by storm .

Paul Pogba, the French rising star of the Juventus, takes the world of football by storm .

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When choosing where he would sign the French thought of his idols. Platini, Zidane, legends of the Old Lady. He said, among other things it is thanks to them he chose Juventus. A choice that surprised for several reasons. Although new champion Italy and unbeaten in the league, the Serie A is according to many, under a lot of  other leagues. In addition to this the main strength of the Juventus midfield is composed of three irremovable Pirlo, Marchisio and Vidal. Not much room for a guy aged 19 who arrived in a new country …

But he is not afraid and wants to show what he is worth. His statements are clear. He wants to make history, becoming a great. Not lacking motivation and determination is evident. And his first steps on the field are in this direction. He has a huge potential, it remains to prove and to evolve.

This season he has only played three times as holder. But it is returning during the match he scored the first goal of his career in a major championship. Against Napoli moreover, historic rival of Juventus but also a candidate for the title. His new nickname, “Pogbang” fits perfectly with the way he wrote his name on the scoreboard. A volley at the entrance to the surface. Bravo to  the artist. As a reward, he was chosen to play again this Sunday against Catania, then a third time against Bologna …

Before concluding, it seems necessary to praise the qualities of a versatile midfielder. In Manchester, he was discovered as a defensive midfielder with good passing abilities and capable of penetrating the defenses by powerful dribbling.  With his legs comparable to Vieira, he is capable of spectacular recoveries. At Juventus, he was first discovered as vice-Pirlo , playmaker and therefore before the defense. Although he doesn’t have the qualities of passing of the Italian maestro, he was able to dictate the game for Juventus while providing more a defensive plus, thanks to his size .  He had a good game against Catania, showing dangerous and recovering good balls.

And now is the time to conclude. Pogba is the new Vieira. Oh no! “I want to be Paul Pogba and not Patrick Vieira” he said. Regularly selected for France U19,he is already at the door of U21, looking to get into the team A. To  imagine him with “Les Bleus” in 2014 is probably not a fantasy for his fans …

Update on Paul Pogba: 19/03/2013

France coach Didier Deschamps has rewarded teenage Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba for his fine recent form by calling him up for World Cup qualifiers against Georgia and reigning European and world champion Spain.

France plays Georgia on March 22 and Spain four days later, and two wins will guarantee France taking over top spot in a five-team group from which only one team qualifies automatically for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Deschamps said Thursday that he has watched the 19-year-old Pogba playing in the past two games and quickly made his mind up.

”He is a player for the future and the future starts now for him. I want to see him with us, within the squad and at training,” Deschamps said. ”You can ask yourself if it’s the right moment. He’s played 20-odd games in Serie A and six in the Champions League. I watched him in the last two games. He strikes the ball well and uses it well.”

Pogba has scored five league goals this season, most of them from outside of the penalty area.



Paul Pogba Factsheet
Name: Pogba
Name: Paul
Date of Birth: March 15, 1993
Place of Birth: Serris (France)
Country: France
Position: Midfielder
Clubs : U.S. Roissy en Brie, U.S. Torcy, Le Havre (France), Manchester United (England), Juventus (Italy)