Zaha makes England debut with his allegiance still in question 5

After a surprise call up to the England Squad and then debut in the 4-2 defeat against Sweden, the doubts over Wilfried Zaha’s allegiance have all but been answered. Even though playing in the Stockholm clash doesn’t make it 100% yet, Roy Hodgson insists that he has received assurances from the Crystal Palace hot-shot. Wilfried Zaha previously stated “it’s 50-50” whether he will represent England long-term.

After an unimpressive England debut his thoughts move to his next suitor

After an unimpressive England debut his thoughts move to his next suitor

Roy Hodgson said on the issue, “I have a simple attitude towards it. When people are called up I expect them to come running, get on a bicycle and cycle to the training session if they have to. Then they shake hands with everyone and tell everyone how happy they are to be there.

Well said! And I couldn’t agree more. When England comes knocking, you do not hesitate. And honestly speaking, although he has had some very good performances for Crystal Palace, and for the Under-21 and Under-19 England teams, his debut for England was far from impressive. He looked out of his depth, was off the pace and was like a fish out of water.

Sometimes it takes a game or two or ten to settle in, but he was a long way off on this performance. Albeit he had only 10 minutes to impress. But like I was told as a lad and what I tell all the kids I mentor, if you are given 5-10 minutes, you play like your life depends on it, and I didn’t see that from him. So the jury is still out for me, as to can he take it to the international stage that is.

His performances on the domestic stage, however, have been sensational and he is fast grabbing the headlines around the UK. Two weeks ago, many would have asked Zaha who?! But now he is becoming a household name, with suitors a plenty, the gossip columns flooded with hot leads and conjecture.

Who will he end up with? There is already a strong link with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger showing some interest. It would suit both parties actually. Arsene always looking for fresh talent and something to ease the pressures of an over expectant fan base, however, he is known for taking this kind of talent and turning them into World Beaters. Even though I am not an Arsenal fan, I have to say that I am an England fan and an Arsene fan, and if anyone can develop a talent like this one, it could or should be Arsene.

I don’t think Sir Alex Ferguson will be in for him, but he may be tempted just to steal him away from some of the other clubs. City doesn’t have it in their philosophy to develop players so this move wouldn’t be a good match for the kid. Tottenham and AVB could be an interesting option, but, AVB’s reputation isn’t quite what it was before his arrival at Stamford Bridge and there is much repair work yet to do. Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers is also scouring for fresh talent, especially after their poorest start to a season, if given the chance will do a good job of developing the boy.

So who will Zaha end up with? And will he stay true to his commitments made to the England National Team? The latter I think yes and as for who he will end up with, I am not certain, but what I do know for sure is that after tasting International football he will be on the look out for a new suitor.